The solution

Automated reading in of PDF safety data sheets into GeSi using the SDBcheck® interface.

Safety data sheets are automatically read in after they have been checked for plausibility by the SDBcheck® online tool.

Connections of the GeSi³ product lines with the online tool SDBcheck®

This is how it works

  • With GeSi³, you directly access the SDBcheck® online portal and the checked safety data sheets stored there in “My SDBcheck®”. The prerequisite is that you are a registered user of SDBcheck®.

  • You import the relevant safety data sheets into the respective GeSi³ module in a structured manner. The original safety data sheet itself is appended as an annex at the same time. The data of the plausibility check is also transferred to GeSi³.

  • If new safety data sheet versions are created, you update existing records. Links to workplaces are of course retained. The GeSi³ dashboard directly shows you the next action required.

Volume packages for data import.

FunctionalityTarget groupGeSi³-ModuleImport volumePackage
SDB-ProfiImport external components for formulationsFormulatorsExternal componentsS. 1 Company and supplier email
S. 2 Classification and labeling
S. 3 Ingredients and their toxicity and ecotoxicity data from S. 11 and 12
GefStoff-ProfiCreate hazardous substance list and risk assessment based on EMKG incl. limit monitoring
incl. bulk email function to request new safety data sheet versions
Occupational safetyHazardous substances managementS. 1 Company and supplier email
S. 2 Classification and labeling
S. 3 Ingredients

Form, boiling point, WGK, LGK,
S. 14 UN No. and packing group
Create operating instructionsOccupational safety
Hazardous substances managementSignificant parts from S. 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 15.Plus

What our users say about the SDBcheck® interface


Automated measurement and sensor technology

I have just registered successfully and tested SDBcheck® straight away with a new hazardous substance. I am delighted and imported the data into GeSi³ afterwards. This will make my work much easier in future and, above all, save me time. I have approx. 1000 substances in my database. Excellent, a great function. Keep up the good work!

Thomas Scholz – JUMO GmbH & Co. KG,