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3 Oct

The tasks of a hazardous substances advisor

By |2023-01-13T13:54:01+01:003 October 2022|GefStoff-Profi|

In most companies, there are one or more persons who are appointed as hazardous substance advisors. The tasks of a hazardous substance advisor are varied and extensive. In this blog post, I would like to go into more detail about the individual tasks and activities. Where does the term hazardous substances advisor come from? The

19 Sep

Acceptance and tolerance concentrations of carcinogenic substances

By |2022-11-22T15:34:39+01:0019 September 2022|GefStoff-Profi|

After more than 10 years since the last revision, an amendment to the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances (GefStoffV) [1] is due this year. I have already dealt with this topic in another blog post. Among other things, the focus is on carcinogenic hazardous substances. Here, acceptance and tolerance concentrations are gaining in importance. Today, I

5 Sep

Are your hazardous substances up to date?

By |2022-11-22T15:19:21+01:005 September 2022|GefStoff-Profi|

In my last blog post, I dealt with the amendment of the Gefahrstoffverordnung (Ordinance on Hazardous Substances) [1]. However, this is not the only legal text that will change in the near future and is relevant for you as a user of hazardous substances. At the beginning of 2023, the transition period of the 2nd

26 Aug

New SDS in 2023

By |2022-08-26T17:48:17+02:0026 August 2022|SDB-Profi, GefStoff-Profi|

Some people working with SDSs may not have noticed it yet, but we are currently in the transition period to a new SDS format. For the second time, Annex II of the REACH Regulation [1] has been amended. This directly changes the requirements for a safety data sheet. I will describe the results of

22 Aug

The amendment of the Hazardous Substances Ordinance

By |2022-11-22T15:16:25+01:0022 August 2022|GefStoff-Profi|

An amendment to the Hazardous Substances Ordinance (GefStoffV) [1] is due before the end of the year. The Hazardous Substances Ordinance itself has already been amended more frequently, for example in 2010 by adapting it to the REACH and CLP Regulations. There have also been various amendments since 2010, the last one in July 2021.

25 Jul

Effort for the maintenance of a hazardous substances register

By |2022-10-31T16:39:16+01:0025 July 2022|GefStoff-Profi|

If a company uses hazardous substances, these must be documented and managed in a hazardous substances register. The Hazardous Substances Ordinance [1] states that the employer must keep this register, must note certain information and refer to documents, for example the safety data sheet. More modern hazardous substance registers often already contain the operating instructions

11 Jul

Deviations that aren’t any – the solution lies in the detail

By |2022-10-31T16:42:09+01:0011 July 2022|GefStoff-Profi|

You already know our online tool SDBcheck® (Currently only available in German) for checking the plausibility of your safety data sheets from my last blog posts. Today I would like to discuss the situations in which deviations occur that are actually not deviations at all. Plausibility check with SDBcheck® SDBcheck® is a free online tool

27 Jun

Deviations in the safety data sheet

By |2022-08-19T08:18:21+02:0027 June 2022|GefStoff-Profi|

In my last blog post I dealt with why the plausibility check of safety data sheets is so important (and also obligatory in Germany according to TRGS 400 [1]). With our free online tool SDBcheck® (currently only available in German) you have a simple and convenient way to check classification and labelling. Ideally, you will

13 Jun

Plausibility check of safety data sheets

By |2022-06-17T14:31:20+02:0013 June 2022|GefStoff-Profi|

According to the German TRGS 400 [1], you as the recipient of safety data sheets are obliged to check it for "obviously incomplete, contradictory or incorrect information". If you find a discrepancy during the plausibility check, you should contact the supplier and request a correct safety data sheet. Plausibility check Both as a producer of

30 May

Help for substitution – the TRGS 600

By |2022-08-19T08:15:00+02:0030 May 2022|GefStoff-Profi|

I have already presented the column model of TRGS 600 [1] to you in recent weeks. However, the TRGS 600 naturally also offers further information and assistance on the subject of substitution. I would like to present some of the contents of the TRGS in this article. TRGS The Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances

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