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3 Jul

What is the meaning of the exclamation mark GHS CLP?

By |2021-03-15T09:31:27+01:003 July 2017|SDB-Profi, GefStoff-Profi, FaSi-Profi, General, Hazardous Substances, Occupational Safety, Safety Data Sheets|

Unlike the very specific hazard pictograms, such as for example the flame symbol, the meaning of the exclamation mark in GHS CLP is of a more general nature. In short: There are several different hazards indicated by the exclamation mark. Moreover, this pictogram can be replaced by other pictograms. What are the hazards that may

2 May

Correct internal labelling of hazardous substances

By |2021-03-05T08:49:02+01:002 May 2017|GefStoff-Profi, Hazardous Substances|

Internal labelling of hazardous substances is always required for any activities involving hazardous substances. This is of particular interest where decanted moveable vessels, intermediate products, samples or wastes are concerned. In such cases, the exact determination of hazards is not always possible due to unknown components. How can internal labelling be implemented correctly despite these

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