In our download-center, you can download the GeSi³ software. To register in the download centre, you need your customer number and your licence number. As a new customer, you can find your current version of GeSi³ here  for initial installation for the different operating systems. Windows® and Linux as well as Mac®OS operating systems are supported. For subscription customers, the quarterly GeSi³ updates are provided here. For network licences, you also need the setup for the GeSi³ database server.

Online manual

The online manual provides detailed information on installation and configuration, in particular for your IT Department. The extensive professional section explains working with the three product lines, describes the additional features and includes many sample documents. The online manual also contains “Frequently asked questions” on a range of topics. The online manual is always up-to-date.

Additional features

GeSi3 facilitates the efficient creation of safety data sheets, makes it easy for you to meet all regulations in terms of your occupational hazardous substance management and creates risk assessments in a legally compliant and sustainable manner. The software is modular and offers many time-saving functions. Learn how to expand GeSi³ here.


Our target is to develop our software in close contact with our users and their practical requirements and needs. This is why the opinion of our users is very important to us. We are very happy to receive feedback on our products. Share your personal feedback with us now and help us to improve GeSi³ even further.


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