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Create and organize Risk Assessments using GeSi³ FaSi-Profi

GeSi³ FaSi-Profi facilitates the systematic and integrated creation and organization of the Risk assessments required in Occupational Health and Safety. Using risk-related measures, you reduce the risk of accidents at work and work-related illnesses/exposure and increase the Occupational Health and Safety of your employees with the help of the FaSi-Profi occupational health and safety software.

The occupational health and safety software provides support in relation to workplace-related operating instructions for machines / systems / processes. Create the basis for operational training in Occupational Health and Safety with GeSi³ FaSi-Profi.

Risk assessment in accordance with ArbSchG

The hazard and exposure catalogue of the software, containing 11 hazard and exposure classes and subordinate hazard and exposure factors, provides the framework for your systematic identification of occupational health and safety issues. In addition to identifying the risks, you are provided with concrete action proposals with reference to the current regulations.

The hazard and exposure catalogue is shown in the form of a hierarchical tree, which is always displayed. As a result, you can always pinpoint your position in the creation of your risk assessment.

Every hazard can be assessed in terms of its risk (based on the risk matrix according to Nohl). The risk of the hazard and exposure classes and factors is clearly displayed with traffic light colours in the FaSi-Profi software. High and undefined risks are shown in red, so that specific risk areas for occupational health and safety can be identified at a glance. The risks of all hazards are added up to a risk number, making them quantifiable as a result.

The measures derived from the hazards can be provided with a target date and with a person responsible. Each person responsible for a measure receives an email from the software with the measures to be implemented for occupational health and safety. In addition, there are ongoing measures that must always be monitored. Open measures can be recognized at a glance, implemented measures can be easily and quickly marked as “Implemented”.


Operating instructions for machines / systems or processes provide a basis for safe operation by the staff employed. At the same time, the operating instructions are also an excellent tool for the training or induction of new personnel. This makes it possible to ensure the occupational health and safety of your employees.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Operating system independent (Windows®, Linux, Mac OS®)
  • English and German user interface
  • Network-compatible with multi-user environment
  • User administration with groups
  • Software update service using updates
  • Free support as part of the update service
  • Annual specialist conferences and regular training courses

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Special features

Efficiency through definition of occupations

The risk assessment software can be used repeatedly for activities to dramatically reduce the number of risk assessments to be created.

In your company, for example, the activity “Working at a VDU” could be carried out by the assistant of the Managing Director, the Purchasing Department, as well as the Assembly Manager.
Furthermore, the activity “Cleaning of the machine console” could be carried out by the machine operator, by Maintenance, as well as by the Assembly Manager.
The “Profession” Assembly Manager includes both the activity “Working at a VDU” as well as the activity “Cleaning the machine console”. This can be continued as long as required, but often, one realises that the number of activities is more manageable than originally assumed.

By skilfully defining professions on the basis of activities, the effort and maintenance of the risk assessment in accordance with the Occupational Safety Act can be clearly organised as a whole.

It is safe to assume that you would like to be able to see the progress of your risk assessment in FaSi-Profi at a glance. Once the hazards and exposures have been collected and recorded, it is after all important to you that measures for occupational health and safety are determined, implemented and finally also checked for their effectiveness.

With the status monitor, a single symbol allows you to see straight away how far the creation of the risk assessment of a particular hazard and exposure class (or factor, if required) has progressed.

As a result, you always have an overview of the current status and progress and can derive key activities from this. This allows you to prepare specific arguments and examples for occupational health and safety e.g. for the next session of the company’s Health and Safety Committee.

GeSi Software: FaSi-Profi activity-related and location-specific risk assessments

As a rule, risk assessments will be created for each activity (for example, “Working at a VDU” or “Working with the circular saw”).

However, these activities are often carried out in completely different areas of the company. GeSi³ therefore offers you the option to assign a specific location (e.g. “Workbench A35”) or an entire area (e.g. “Munich location”) to a risk assessment, in addition to the activity.

Depending on the structure of your organisation and the activities which occur there, the software also offers you the option to proceed in reverse!

In any case: It is always easy to determine which risk assessments are valid for which activity or location / area.

mass mail to persons responisble for measures

How do you ensure that the occupational health and safety measures which were derived from the hazards and exposures detected are also implemented?

A first important step is to communicate the measure to the person responsible. GeSi³ supports you by means of a mass email function within the software, which can be used to send all open measures to the persons responsible at the touch of a button.

How can you map your own individual, company-specific hazards and exposures for occupational health and safety?

You can expand the hazard and exposure of the GESI³ software as required. These additions (e.g. operation-specific features of a plant with special hazard potential) can then also be selected elsewhere as a hazard / exposure.

Advantages of re-use: Save time and standardize your risk assessment(s) despite individual expandability.

How do you determine sensible occupational health and safety measures for the hazards and exposures detected?

GeSi³ includes an entire catalogue of measures for the hazard and exposure factors. Although these are quite specific to the respective hazard and exposure factor, the proposals by the software for the measures to be taken remain more general.
You can easily expand the measures for each factor to suit your operational requirements. This measure then also becomes available for further risk assessments and can be reused.

Advantages of re-use: Save time and standardize your occupational health and safety assessment despite individual expandability.

How do you specifically address the collection and recording of your hazards and exposures in the company?

GeSi³ offers you a simple as well as pragmatic solution: Print out one (or several) survey forms and take them with you to your consultation and site visits. The survey form exactly matches the structure of the risk assessment in GeSi³. Since you can add your own entries to the hazard and exposure catalogue in the software, the survey form is also a precise match to your company! In addition, you also have the option to use the “Mobile FaSi-Profi” to carry out the survey in electronic format directly on-site using a mobile device (e.g. tablet) and then send it to the GeSi³ software. See Optional for further information.

Several activities are similar, or it should be ensured that certain hazards or exposures are always assessed in all risk assessments?

In these or similar cases, FaSi-Profi offers the option of risk assessment templates within the software.
You can consider a template to be like a “Completion wizard”: When using a template, a new risk assessment is not empty, but includes everything contained in the template.
The use of templates (which are present in a similar way in the other GeSi³ modules) can save a lot of time and ensures that your risk assessments are standardized. It goes without saying that you can adjust the risk assessments which you have created using a template to suit your individual requirements and edit them freely.

For example, you can create an occupational health and safety template for activities that are predominantly non-hazardous and do not require any measures (see image). Processing then only takes place when hazards are present and/or measures for occupational health and safety are required.

The “Statistics” element of the GeSi³ software shows you how comprehensive your current risk assessment is. For each risk assessment, the following is summarized here for each hazard and exposure class:

– Number of single hazards
– What is the overall risk
– The highest single risk
– Number of measures defined
– Number of open measures

The summary of each risk assessment continuously displays the amount at risk, the highest risk figure and the number of single hazards which have already been captured in the occupational health and safety software.


Once risk assessments have been created for several activities, the question arises which of these risk assessments contains the greatest risk and derived from this, the greatest need for action on occupational health and safety.

The amount at risk and the highest individual risk for each assessment are clearly displayed in the Explorer of the software.

In addition, it is possible to see the progress of the respective risk assessment in the Explorer (in the form of a “percentage bar”).
Divided into:

– Recording of hazards and exposures

– Determination of measures

individual attachments for each hazard and exposure factor

“A picture is worth more than a 1,000 words”, as the saying goes. Illustrate your risk assessment with meaningful photos of workplaces, postures or work processes for the occupational health and safety of your employees.

There is no limit to the number of attachments in FaSi-Profi. The format is also open: You can attach images, text documents, videos, etc. to illustrate the situation and protect your employees.

Attachments can be inserted specifically in the hazard and exposure factor (e.g. under “2.2 Traffic routes”) or in the basic data of the risk assessment.


Are there still some open measures in my risk assessment?

You can use a query in the risk assessment Explorer to view a list of all the open measures of all the assessments you have created in the software and then open the risk assessment directly for processing by double-clicking on it.
In the risk assessment itself, a switch can be used for the convenient display of any open measures contained in the hazard and exposure classes.


Many activities only have a few exposures or hazards to occupational health and safety. In these cases, you can use a quick and very convenient method provided by the software to assign a “No risk present” status to all hazard and exposure factors of a specific hazard and exposure class at a click of the mouse.
The same method of the occupational health and safety software can also be used to assign a different status to all hazard and exposure factors with one click (e.g. “Completed”).

Analogously, this option is also available for “Measures”, if for example, “No measures required” applies or all measures have already been completed and you want to specify this for the entire hazard and exposure class.

mobiler FaSiprofi
With the “Mobile FaSi-Profi”, you can create the hazard assessment (incl. risk assessment) directly at the workplace using a mobile device (e.g. tablet) and then transfer the completed survey form to GeSi³ for further processing. The collection by tablet can be carried out company-wide by Division Managers.