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Since 2008, we have been relying on the translation and data services of Qualisys to offer our users the “Multilingual Safety Data Sheets” feature in up to 34 languages. The core is the “EuPhraC” European phrase catalogue, which has become the professional standard for safety data sheets. Country-related limit values, UN phrases and the European Waste Catalogue are also provided by Qualisys.

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Dienstleister Uta Sabath Gefahrgutberatung

Uta Sabath

The dangerous goods consultancy Uta Sabbath has supported us since 2016 in all issues relating to dangerous goods regulations, especially in the professional design of the dangerous goods classification in the GeSi³ software.  Ms. Sabbath works as an external hazardous goods safety adviser and can look back on 20 years of experience in this field. In addition, she is an expert in the field of the creation of safety data sheets and uses our software solution.

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Dienstleister Ecomed storck


Since the beginning of 2017, GeSi Software GmbH has been cooperating with the publishing house ecomed-Storck GmbH, which specializes in the fields of occupational safety/hazardous substances, dangerous goods and cargo securing. The ecomed publishing house supplies current dangerous goods databases on the four modes of transports, ADR, ADN, IMDG and IATA/ICAO, which are used as part of the GeSi³ dangerous goods classification.

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HSE DATA and GeSi Software GmbH have been cooperating since October 2013. The common focus of the cooperation is the further professional and content development of the GeSi³ software in the “Safety Data Sheet Creation” area. As a service provider, HSE DATA specializes in the creation of safety data sheets and labels (also multilingual, European and international) and uses GeSi³ software for this purpose. If you would like to entrust the creation of your safety data sheets to a reliable and knowledgeable partner, we recommend HSE DATA, ideally in combination with our software.

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Since October 2014, GeSi Software GmbH is a project partner in the consortium project SDBtransfer, whose objective is the standardized structured electronic exchange of safety data sheets along the supply chain. The interface formats used are EDASxBau and EDASxChem, which are based on the European standard SDSComXML and will be supported by GeSi³ in future.

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