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Update service

Always up to date and legally compliant

The subject areas on which our software solutions are based are strongly linked to current legislation and are therefore subject to dynamic change. The REACH and GHS regulations in particular create changes on an ongoing basis. As a result, we offer an optional update service for your new purchase. Compliance can only be ensured with up-to-date software!

You will receive updates on CD-ROM 4 times a year and in between, we will provide you with timely updates via auto-update. One less task for you, as you no longer have to concern yourself with the software being up-to-date.
The cost of the software provided by our company is fixed through annual maintenance fees. The exact software costs per annum are already known in advance. The update service also reduces the administrative and procurement costs for your company/organization.
Only up-to-date software offers you state-of-the-art data processing, resulting in new working techniques, simplification and time savings for you. We are involved in a continuous improvement process and are happy to respond to the wishes of our customers and integrate them into our software. And you benefit from this too!


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