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26 Oct

Notification obligation for PCN – what does this cover?

By |2021-03-22T11:34:15+01:0026 October 2020|PCN|

There is not much time left before the first deadline for the notification obligation for PCN. Starting in 2021, many products which were previously excluded from national transitional solutions will be notified using the new notification format. In this article, I will provide a compact summary of the items that require notification via PCN

27 Apr

Numbers for PCN – which numbers can be sourced where?

By |2021-03-04T11:42:50+01:0027 April 2020|SDB-Profi, PCN|

This time, I am writing about a request arising from practical concern regarding the different numbers for PCN. The European Product Change Notification (PCN) requires quite a few numbers and not all of them can be organised quickly. This is why here, I summarise all the numbers which we noticed when compiling the PCN

4 Mar

EuPCS – new categorisation for the European notification

By |2021-03-05T08:47:37+01:004 March 2019|SDB-Profi, PCN|

EuPCS stands for "European product categorisation system" and is an integral part of the new European Product Change Notification from the start of 2020. In all likelihood, some of our users have already come across different harmonised product categorisations in safety data sheets. An example is the use descriptor system (UDS) for specifying relevant

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