Create safety data sheets

Your high-quality chemical products need high-quality safety data sheets. Our SDB-Profi gives you many advantages:

✔ You save processing time.
✔ You increase legal certainty.
✔ You protect your formulation secrets.

Manage hazardous substances

You are an occupational health and safety expert and are tired of managing hazardous substances using unsuitable tools. Our GefStoff-Profi offers you the following advantages:

✔ You save processing time.
✔ You increase legal certainty.
✔ You minimise the risk for employees and your company.

GeSi³ – The modular software package

  • for safety data sheets

  • for hazardous substance management

You can efficiently create REACH and GHS-conform multilingual safety data sheets and also easily meet all regulations in terms of your occupational hazardous substance management.

creating safety data sheets, hazardous substances register or Manage occupational safety with the software from gesi
CompaniesAddresses of suppliers and customers
SubstancesManagement of pure ­substance­ data
PremixturesManagement of premixtures (bought-in products) for formulations
Formulation administrationsFormulations from pure substances, premixtures, formulations
Safety data sheetsCreation of safety ­data ­sheets
Operating instructionsCreation of hazardous substance operating ­instructions
Hazardous substances administrationManagement of hazardous ­substances on the basis of safety data sheets
Operational structureCustomised hierarchical representation of the spatial  organisational ­structure
Risk assessment for hazardous substancesRisk ­assessment in accordance with GefStoffV
General risk assessmentRisk ­assessment in accordance with ArbSchG
Safety instructionsTechnical operating ­instructions for machines  systems  processes
Hazardous substance labelsPrinting of hazardous substance ­labels

included in the package
◯ optional additional features for the package
not available for the package

The packages can be freely combined.



  • 64-bit operating system
  • Windows, Mac OS or Linux
  • 4 GB RAM
  • SSD hard disc with 2 GB free capacity

Server (network installation)

  • 64-bit operating system
  • Windows, Mac OS or Linux
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Processor with at least 4 cores
  • SSD hard drive (with min. 10 GB free capacity)

Program (GESI3.EXE)

  • RAM up to 750 MB by default
  • 600 MB hard disk capacity (for installation, without database)
  • We recommend the use of an SSD hard disk.
  • We recommend that the upper RAM limit is increased to 1024 MB (Tools / Settings / Memory usage).


  • 300 MB (directly after installation)
  • 2 GB as the first target size
    • a significant factor are annexes to hazardous substances or premixtures
    • as well as annexes (mostly photos) to risk assessments
    • another important factor is versioning
  • 10 GB should therefore be available if a lot of annexes are used
  • The size of the database is not influenced by whether a single-user or network database is used.

Database server (network installation)

  • RAM requirement at least 1 GB (for good performance, 2 GB should be made available)
  • Installation requirement on the hard disk approx. 200 MB
  • GeSi³ uses the Apache Derby SQL database
  • for Windows installations, GeSi³ includes the required DB server


  • Wired company network
  • Gigabit LAN
  • WLAN is frequently too slow

GeSi³ makes complex tasks easy.

Complex legislation and regulations concerning chemicals make practical business implementation very difficult and costly. As a result, lots of information is needed about hazardous substances. With our software solutions, you can make complex tasks easy and facilitate your business practices. Our modular software packages are:

  • reliable

  • efficient

  • clear

  • intuitive

About us – GeSi-Software GmbH from Würzburg

From the research project “Hazardous substances and safety” to the established GeSi software for safety data sheets, hazardous substances and occupational health and safety

We produce the GeSi³ software solution – software for safety data sheets, hazardous substances and occupational health and safety. It all started with the research project “GeSi” more than 25 years ago. GeSi stands for “Gefahrstoffe und Sicherheit”, which is German for hazardous substances and safety. Our target back then was the same as it is now: to make it safer to handle hazardous substances in companies and to provide practical tools for businesses in the trade. We are an interdisciplinary team (particularly chemists, occupational physicians and IT specialists) who, right from the start, have been developing the software very close to the user and their practical requirements. Due to the close personal contact with users during training courses, specialist conferences and support, our objective is to create software which is simple and intuitive. By now, GeSi³ is used successfully by over 500 companies in the D-A-CH region.

Team GeSi Software

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