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GeSi³ – the software package for Safety Data Sheets, Hazardous Substance Management and Risk Assessments

Easy. Safe. Hazardous Substances & Safety with GeSi3

GeSi3 facilitates the efficient creation of REACH and GHS compliant multilingual Safety Data Sheets and also makes it easy for you to meet all regulations in the field of Hazardous Substance management. Risk assessments in accordance with the Occupational Safety Act can also be prepared in a legally compliant and sustainable manner. The software is modular and offers many time-saving functions and a sophisticated database design for the efficient use of shared data, especially in networked environments.

GeSi3 has proven itself in practice

GeSi³ is the 3rd software generation of the GeSi software which has been on the market since 1991. Since 2013, the new version, which was completely redeveloped, has been used successfully by over 400 companies in the D-A-CH region. Due to close personal contact with users during training courses, specialist conferences and support, the software is developed in close relationship with users and their practical requirements. In combination with the update service for GeSi³, this allows you to concentrate on the essentials in the area of safety data sheets, hazardous substance management and risk assessments and use legally compliant software at all times.


CompaniesAddresses of suppliers and customers
Safety Data SheetsCreation of Safety Data Sheets
Formulation AdministrationFormulations made from pure substances and premixtures
SubstancesAdministration of pure substance data
Operating InstructionCreation of Hazardous Substance-operating instructions()
Hazardous Substance AdministrationAdministration of Hazardous Substances based on Safety Data Sheets
Company StructureIndividual hierarchical representation of the spatial/organizational Business Structure
Risk Assessment for Hazardous SubstancesRisk Assessment according to GefStoffV (Hazardous Material Ordinance)()
Risk Assessment according to German Occupational Safety ActGeneral risk assessment according to German Occupational Safety Act
Safety DirectiveTechnical operating instructions for machines/facilities/procedure()
Included in the package
Optional available for the package
Supplier Safety Data Sheets are managed in the “Hazardous Substance Administration” module.

Hazardous Substance-Risk Assessment is carried out using the system of General Risk Assessment (without using Hazardous Substance Administration)

Additional features

Additional featuresCommentSDB-
Network Versions
Hazardous Substance Labels
BfR-Product Report (German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment)
34 Languages
Multilingual Safety Data Sheets
Multilingual Operating Instructions
Multilingual Safety Directives
Multilingual Hazardous Substance Labels
English User Interface
Intranet-Hazardous Substance Inventory
Intranet-Risk Assessment
Mobile FaSi-Profi

Included Available Not available


Performance attributesCommentSDB-
Mandate Ability
Address BookFor sending e-mails to persons responsible
GHS-Classification according to CLP-Regulation
Hazardous Substances Classification
Identification of the German Water Hazard Classification
Legal Classifications according to CLP-Regulation
REACH-Candidate List
Country-Specific limits (Occupational exposure limits/biological limits)
European Phrase Catalogue (EuPhraC)
Group Operating Instructions for Hazardous Substances
Joint Storage of Hazardous SubstancesIncluding Identification of Storage Class
Hazardous Substance Inventory
Serial Mail to Suppliers To Request Updated Safety Data Sheets
SDBtransfer (Import)
SDBtransfer (Export)
Data Export to Excel®
List PrintingCustomizable, Profiles
Simple Concept of Measures Hazardous Substances (EMKG)

Included Available Not available

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