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15 Feb

The new UFI and poison emergency calls

By |2021-03-22T10:20:31+01:0015 February 2021|GefStoff-Profi|

UFI and poison emergency calls, how are they related? What is a UFI and where can it be found? These questions will be of interest in the future for emergencies in work and private life. The UFI has been part of my work for some time now: preparations are already in progress for manufacturers,

19 Feb

The road to European product notification, part 2 – The unique formula identifier UFI

By |2021-03-15T09:31:28+01:0019 February 2018|SDB-Profi, Safety Data Sheets|

The unique formula identifier UFI is introduced along with the European product notification. The UFI is used for the identification of mixtures. At this year’s Workshop on the implementation of Annex VIII to CLP, UFIs were one of the big topics, especially during the rounds of questions. The explanations provided by the speakers helped clarify

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