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One product, several SDS – does that make sense?

By |12 July 2021|Categories: SDB-Profi|Tags: , , , |

Safety data sheets (SDS) contain, among other things, the product name, a traceable version tracking and sometimes also an article number. This may give the impression that a hazardous substance (pure substance or mixture)


Do operating instructions have to be signed?

By |17 May 2021|Categories: GefStoff-Profi|Tags: , |

Have you ever seen signed an operating instruction? Or are they perhaps signed in your company by default? This raises the question whether the signature field is mandatory or voluntary. Before I answer this


Curious classification: Skin Corr. 1 or Eye Dam. 1

By |24 March 2021|Categories: SDB-Profi|Tags: , , |

Why is a mixture classified as “Skin Corr. 1” (Corrosivity to the skin, category 1) despite the fact that no individual component shares this classification? An analogous question can be asked for “Eye Dam.


Curious classification: acute toxicity

By |15 March 2021|Categories: SDB-Profi|Tags: , , , |

How is the "acute toxicity" classification determined? The reason for this blog entry was a question from a user of the SDBcheck® online tool on the topic of acute toxicity: "How does the classification


Qualifications for the creation of safety data sheets (SDS)

By |1 March 2021|Categories: SDB-Profi|Tags: , , , |

If you produce hazardous substances or mixtures, you also have to create safety data sheets (SDS). But who is actually allowed to create these safety data sheets? Which qualifications are required for this? And


Substances and mixtures in safety data sheets (SDS)

By |1 February 2021|Categories: SDB-Profi|Tags: , , , , |

What is the difference between substances and mixtures in safety data sheets? This question is harder to answer than it might seem at first glance. In some substance safety data sheets (SDS), Section 3


Hazardous substances management and occupational medicine

By |14 January 2021|Categories: GefStoff-Profi|Tags: , , |

Support your company doctor! Is your company doctor familiar with the hazardous substances used in your company? Even more important from the perspective of a company doctor: Who handles these hazardous substances? Preventative occupational


Notification obligation for PCN – what does this cover?

By |26 October 2020|Categories: PCN|Tags: , , , , |

There is not much time left before the first deadline for the notification obligation for PCN. Starting in 2021, many products which were previously excluded from national transitional solutions will be notified using the


REACH Regulation: The difference between distributor and downstream user

By |21 September 2020|Categories: SDB-Profi, GefStoff-Profi|Tags: , |

With the upcoming Product Change Notification (2021), the question about the difference between distributor and downstream user arises again. After all, distributors have quite different obligations. For better understanding, I will provide a short


Translation of substances in safety data sheets (SDS)

By |29 June 2020|Categories: SDB-Profi|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

Do substances actually have to be translated in safety data sheets? The short answer: Yes. But where can you source substance names in different languages? Translation of substances as an obligation (product identifier) In accordance

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