The solution

Create the European Product Change Notification automatically

The product notification is automatically created from the formulation underlying a multilingual safety data sheet.


  • Creation of a unique mixture identification number (so-called UFI)
  • The UFI is created using a random generator, a duplicate assignment is not possible. The UFI can be created so that conclusions cannot be drawn as to the notifier.
  • UFI manager: Serial creation of UFI on the basis of formulations or safety data sheets. Here, formulation groups are taken into account, making it possible to see which formulations belong to which safety data sheets. Within a formulation group, different or identical UFI can be assigned.
  • UFI recording of premixtures (so-called MiM)
  • UFI export for additional processing in other systems
  • Determination of ingredients of particular significance and other dangerous components (important in relation to the accuracy of the formulations)
  • Product categorisation in accordance with EuPCS
  • Serial production of product notifications in PCN format in accordance with Annex VIII CLP Regulation
  • Serial production of BfR product notifications for utilisation of the transition period until 2025
  • Also suitable for service providers: Creation of UFI and PCN notifications for customers