Safe Chemicals – Safe Working Environment
Easy & Safe.

We produce the GeSi³ software solution – software for safety data sheets, hazardous substances and occupational health and safety.

We are a team of chemists, occupational physicians and software developers who, right from the start, have been developing the software very close to the user and their practical requirements. Due to the close personal contact with users during training courses, specialist conferences and support, our objective is to create software which is simple and intuitive and is based on your requirements. By now, GeSi³ is used successfully by over 500 companies in the D-A-CH region.

We provide you with first-hand professional and technical advice as well as free support as part of our update service.

This is who we are, GeSi Software GmbH from Würzburg, Germany

This photo shows the GeSi Software GmbH team.

Back: Benedikt Lang, Daniel Seemann, Philip Stefl, Sumanth Anugandula, Eric Kraußer, Johanna Baumgart
Front: Elmar Baumann, Hannah Kraft, Sandro Paval, Petra Feitsch, Dr. Dieter Feitsch, Fabian Feitsch, Florian Eich, Eric Kraußer

The founders Petra and Dr. Dieter Feitsch already became familiar with the subject “Safe handling of hazardous substances” in parallel to their university studies.

Gefahrstoffe und Sicherheit

Dieter Feitsch worked as part of the BMAS-sponsored research project “GeSi” (Gefahrstoffe und Sicherheit (Hazardous Substances and Safety)) at the Professional Association for Ceramics and Glass in Würzburg, Germany (today merged with the Verwaltungs-Berufsgenossenschaft – VBG (Administrative Professional Association)).

The aim of the project was to develop software support for the implementation of the Hazardous Substances Ordinance of 1986 with regard to hazardous substances operating instructions for member companies and beyond.

The completion of the funded project coincided with the completion of the university studies of the founders and, in 1991, led directly to the foundation of the company ComSoft for the further development and marketing of the GeSi software, with Petra Feitsch as the Managing Director. The offices were located in the technology and incubation centre in Würzburg, Germany.

As a young software start-up, the Feitsch Gesellschaft für Software-Entwicklung mbH was founded in 1993. Shareholders were Dr. Med. Dieter Feitsch and Dipl. Mathematician Petra Feitsch. Petra Feitsch became the Managing Partner of Feitsch GmbH.

The software from the project was developed further and the existing individual modules were combined into a single program. Up to this point, the focus was on the creation of operating instructions based on data from safety data sheets, which were recorded in the software for this purpose.

In 1994, the software was expanded by including the subject of hazardous substances administration in the form of a hazardous substance register, followed by a module for risk assessments according to ArbSchG. Then as now, the guiding principle of the founders was: Safe Chemicals – Safe Working Environment.

Starting from 1996, GeSi software was completely redesigned from DOS software to a Windows application and was introduced to the market in 1998. It goes without saying that, even then, all user data could be fully transferred from the existing dBase format to the new database in MS Access format.

Feitsch GmbH had grown further by this time and in 2001, it moved from the technology and incubation centre to the Kaiser Straße in Würzburg, Germany.

In addition to internal occupational health and safety, the GeSi software was expanded in 2004 to facilitate the classification of mixtures for safety data sheets in accordance with the EU directive. As a result, the manufacturers of chemical mixtures were also addressed as a target group and the obvious synergies of a hazardous material software were used in full. The customers of these manufacturers had and still have an international focus and, consequently, multilingual capacities were also added through the use of a phrase catalogue.

In the period from 2009 to 2013, the GeSi software was gradually reprogrammed. As a Java application, GeSi is now on the market as GeSi³, the third generation since 2013. Since then, the GeSi software is platform independent and uses an SQL database.

The GeSi software GeSi³ consists of three software packages, which are integrated in a common interface and share the data: creation of safety data sheets, management of hazardous substances and organisation of risk assessments.

With the new generation of software, the company also reached a new stage in its development and was rebranded to “GeSi Software GmbH” in 2017.

The drive for the continuous improvement of the GeSi software is described by founder Petra Feitsch:

„We are passionate about simplification: making complex laws easy to apply in many businesses. Contact with users is very important to us to ensure that the software meets their exact requirements. Easy & Safe.“

Trainings der GeSi Software GmbH im eigenen Schulungsraum

Since the beginning of 2018, GeSi Software GmbH is located in the heart of Würzburg, Germany, in the Juliuspromenade. A particular feature of the new premises is a separate training room for software training courses.

  1. Technical Support: We provide support for the software installation even in complex system environments via remote maintenance.
  2. Professional Support:We are personally available for all professional questions concerning the software (not limited to its operation alone).
  3. Software Training: We offer you open training courses as well as in-house training for the efficient use of the software and are also happy to provide individual online training. Customer contact is important to us, so our training courses are held at out premises. All Software trainings are only offered in German language. Sign up for the next training course right here!
  4. Annual specialist conferences: We keep your specialist knowledge up to date and offer you annual refreshers in the form of specialist conferences. The specialist conference for creators of safety data sheets (formulators) doubles up as a refresher for your specialist knowledge in accordance with REACH. All conferences are only offered in German language. Click here for more information now!
  5. User requests: Right from the start, GeSi³ has been designed and developed in close contact with customers. We take your wishes and suggestions for improvement seriously and can implement them in a timely manner in order to improve GeSi³ on a continuous basis.
  6. Regular updates: We regularly update the software 4 times a year according to professional, legal, ergonomic and EDP aspects and rely on modern development tools and operating system independence. Your requests for the software will also be taken into account. You can play an active part in designing the software. We quickly integrate new technologies to provide you with the full range of possibilities.
  7. Data transfer: We ensure that your data is transferred during version changes (and have done so for the past 20 years).
  8. Transparency: We provide transparency for complex computations in the software, e.g. the GHS classification calculation, in the form of log files, so that you can trace each step. Our handbook is always kept up-to-date and in line with actual practice and provides you with information on the software changes.
  9. Passion: We are passionate about chemical product safety and occupational health and safety. With our software products, we contribute to the improvement and facilitation of the legal regulations. The delivery of a high-quality product is our main focus.
  10. Direct availability: We are always there for you in person. Thanks to our support, we can quickly offer you technical and professional help. There is no extra charge for our telephone support, because close contact with our customers has always been important to us.