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GeSi3 facilitates the efficient creation of REACH and GHS-conform multilingual safety data sheets and also makes it easy for you to meet all regulations in terms of your occupational hazardous substance management. Risk assessments in accordance with the Occupational Safety Act can also be prepared in a legally compliant and sustainable manner. The software is modular and offers many time-saving functions and a sophisticated database design for the efficient use of shared data, especially in networked environments.

Network ­versionEnables secure database access for multiple users from different locations at the same time
Inter­face to SDBcheck®more ...PDF import of safety ­data sheets from the SDBcheck® tool
SDBcheck® Company Accountmore ...Professional safety data sheet checks for teams
Up to 34 language packages for safety data sheets, hazardous substance labels, operating instructions and PCN product notificationmore ...European and non-European languages in the form of phrases including country-specific limit values (occupational exposure limits and biological limits)
Mixture calculatorAutomated classification and labeling calculation for mixtures
External componentsmore ...Management of external components (bought-in products) for formulations
ECHA connectormore ...Reading in of tox./ecotox. and classification data from the ECHA website
US-SDSmore ...Automated creation of the safety data sheet for the USA/Canada
European Product Change Notification (PCN) incl. BfR notification for the notification in Germanymore ...Notification of the composition of mixtures system-to-system to ECHA
Multilingual PCN product notification for reporting to other EU countriesEnables the European Product ­Change Notification in different languages
Hazardous substance ­labelsmore ...Printing of hazardous ­substance ­labels
Risk ­assess­ment for hazardous substancesCreation of German risk assessments in accordance with GefStoffV
Hazardous substance operating instructionsmore ...Creation of German operating instructions for hazardous substances
Multilingual hazardous substance operating instructionsCreating multilingual operating instructions
Intranet portal hazardous substances (Intranet hazardous substances index)Company-wide (read-only) retrieval of the hazardous substances inventory (safety data sheets/hazardous substances operating instructions)
Individual substance listsMonitoring your own substance lists with regard to the ingredients of your hazardous substances
Safety­­ instructionsTechnical operating ­instructions for machines  systems  processes
Planned tasksAutomated creation of JSON exports or intranet portal
CSV import of formulationsInterface to your ERP system
CSV master data import of hazardous substancesInterface to your ERP system
CSV import of storage quantitiesInterface to your ERP system
Migration toolTo transfer your Excel hazardous substances inventory
SDBconvert®more ...Export of safety data sheets as JSON incl. PDF

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