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Do you formulate mixtures and distribute them on the European Market? Then the European Product Change Notification is a must. Hazardous mixtures are already notified within Europe, but the European harmonisation of this notification has a significant impact. From January 2021, this new notification has become legally binding. We would like to ensure that you are optimally prepared for this. With the information on this site and our blog articles, you will always have comprehensive, up-to-date information!

GeSi³ supports you with the European Product Change Notification

Blog: European Product Change Notification


Software support for SDS and PCN for distributors of hazardous substances

9 May 2022|Categories: PCN, SDB-Profi|Tags: , , , |

The challenges for distributors of hazardous substances under REACH in the European Union are mostly not apparent through direct obligations. For example, in contrast to the manufacturer/importer, a distributor does not have to meet certain requirements (like compiling a safety data sheet). Still, distributors have to ensure indirectly that the products they distribute are


PCN and SDS creation go hand in hand

25 April 2022|Categories: SDB-Profi, PCN|Tags: , , , |

Both the European Product Notification (PCN) and the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) provide information on hazards of dangerous substances. But they do this with different objectives. Nevertheless, there are many similarities, which is why the PCN and SDS creation work well together. They even have to be identical in some aspects. Aim of the


Mixtures in Mixtures (MiMs) for PCN

31 March 2021|Categories: PCN|Tags: , , , , |

Not all MiMs are the same, at least when it comes to the European Product Change Notification (PCN). I will explain what MiM is all about and how it is dealt with in the mixture classification according to the CLP Regulation. Mixtures in their own mixture (MiMs) Mixtures do not only occur when pure


PCN validation rules – meaning and differences

18 January 2021|Categories: PCN|

The European product notification (PCN) framework has already begun and of course, there are initial hurdles to overcome, such as the PCN validation rules. Perhaps you, like many of our users contacting support, are wondering about these business rules and quality rules in the notifications. Where do PCN validation rules apply? When you upload


Notification obligation for PCN – what does this cover?

26 October 2020|Categories: PCN|Tags: , , , , |

There is not much time left before the first deadline for the notification obligation for PCN. Starting in 2021, many products which were previously excluded from national transitional solutions will be notified using the new notification format. In this article, I will provide a compact summary of the items that require notification via PCN

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