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Administer Hazardous Substances with GeSi³ GefStoff-Profi

GeSi³ GefStoff-Profi supports you in the operational administration of hazardous substances in accordance with REACH and GHS regulations. The software provides you with an overview of your situation regarding hazardous substances with respect to your operational and organizational structures and reliably guides you to a legally compliant risk assessment of hazardous substances. In addition, the hazardous substances software provides you with support in the efficient implementation of your tasks relating to hazardous substances administration, in accordance with the Hazardous Substances Ordinance (GefStoffV). You can also create multilingual hazardous substances operating instructions in up to 34 languages using GeSi³ GefStoff-Profi.

Core element hazardous substance risk assessment

The basis of the GeSi³ GefStoff-Profi is the activity-related risk assessment in accordance with GefStoffV. With hazardous material and exposure data, you can use the “EMKG” wizard to manage risk-related occupational safety measures with deadline tracking (“EMKG” stands for “simple workplace control scheme for hazardous substances”). Ideally, several hazardous substances with similar hazard potential can be combined and assessed.

REACH and GHS compliant hazardous substances Index Register

The hazardous substances index in the software provides you with an overview of your hazardous substances situation. This relates exactly to your individual operational and organizational structure, which can be built up hierarchically to any depth required in GefStoff-Profi.

Hazardous substances can be easily dragged to specific individual work areas as well as superordinate areas, using drag & drop. Using simple filtering and a variable column display, you can create and display your hazardous substances index according to your individual requirements, also as a linked Intranet hazardous substances index if desired.

Operating instructions for hazardous substances

Meaningful operating instructions can be created effortlessly from hazardous substances data with GeSi³ GefStoff-Profi, using the EuPhraC (European Phrase Catalogue) or individual phrases.

Currently, the GeSi³ software offers the phrase catalogue in up to 34 languages, which can be licensed flexibly. The creation of a language version for an operating instruction is remarkably easy with GeSi³: Before printing, the desired language(s) is (are) selected from a list and the operating instructions can then be printed directly or saved as PDF file(s).

With group operating instructions, you combine similar hazardous substances in one operating instruction. A GeSi³ wizard provides support in the identification of similar hazardous substances.

Templates can be used to standardize your documents and, for example, to ensure that frequently used text elements are always automatically included in new operating instructions. They also make it easier to adhere to your corporate design.

The versioning function of GeSi³ supplements the hazardous substances administration of your hazardous substances operating instructions. Full traceability and history are provided by the creation of an audit-proof version archive. The respective status of your operating instructions is archived by the software. A versioned copy of the hazardous substances operating instructions is available at any time via the archive. The current version of your risk assessments is managed in the GeSi³ software.

Available languages:

English / Bosnian / Bulgarian / Croatian / Chinese (Simplified) / Chinese (Traditional) / Czech / Danish / Estonian / Finnish / French / Greek / Dutch / Hungarian / Indonesian / Icelandic / Italian / Japanese / Korean / Latvian / Lithuanian / Malay / Norwegian / Polish / Portuguese / Romanian / Russian / Serbian / Slovak / Slovenian / Spanish / Swedish / Turkish / Ukrainian

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Operating system independent (Windows®, Linux, Mac OS®)
  • English and German user interface
  • Network-compatible with multi-user environment
  • User administration with groups
  • Software update service using updates
  • Free support as part of the update service
  • Annual specialist conferences and regular training courses

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Special features

REACH-compliant safety data sheet administration of hazardous substances

Document the respective status of your hazardous substances risk assessments or safety data sheets and your activities for the current status check. You can link to all versions of your supplier safety data sheets in the software, including extended safety data sheets (eSDS).

Using mass email, you can conveniently request the updated versions of your safety data sheets from your suppliers.

integrated REACH candidate list (SVHC-List)

GeSi³ GefStoff-Profi automatically displays the hazardous substances which contain REACH candidate list substances. Here, you can see the exact status (including CoRAP list and “Substances subject to approval” in accordance with Annex XIV) in the software.

Using GeSi³ GefStoff-Profi, you can easily determine which hazardous substances require the monitoring and management of occupational exposure limit values, biological limit values or DNEL values. The GeSi³ update service ensures that these are kept up-to-date and that you can continue to meet the challenges of the constantly changing circumstances. In case of questions, you can take advantage of free support provided by GeSi Software GmbH as part of the update service.

With the GeSi³ hazardous substances comparison, GefStoff-Profi offers a complete overview of the health hazards, fire and explosion hazards and environmental hazards of selected hazardous substances. This provides you with a good base for the legally prescribed risk assessment and substitution obligation.

Calculation of totals of consumption and joint storage prohibitions in the hazardous substances index

GeSi³ can be used to record workplaces and storage locations with hazardous substance on the basis of your individual operational structure. If consumption is known, a summation is carried out automatically across all hazardous substances workplaces. In addition, storage locations with quantities stored are also taken into account and joint storage prohibitions are visualized in accordance with TRGS 510.

legally compliant hazardous substance labels

GeSi³ GefStoff-Profi can be used to create multilingual, legally compliant hazardous substance labels, based on the hazardous substance labelling recorded for a hazardous substance. Here, you can select the legally compliant label size based on the container size.

file attachments related to hazardous substances

The GeSi³ software makes it possible to link any file attachments to any hazardous substance or, if required in the context of a hazardous substances risk assessment, to any hazardous substance activity. These can include files such as the original safety data sheets, measurement reports, proof of training and photos of workplaces. The linked documents are stored directly in the database.

flexible list printing and Excel exports
flexible list printing and Excel exports GHS labelling

Each table view of records can be printed as a list. Columns, column widths, font sizes and headings can be individually specified and stored in profiles.

The lists can be generated as PDFs as well as Excel exports.

In GeSi³, emails can be sent automatically for various tasks, e.g. mass email to request new safety data sheet versions. There are numerous configuration options. The email function uses the general GeSi³ address book. When using the email task, all emails are previewed before sending and can still be changed.

Output in SDBtransfer format
GeSi³ provides import interfaces for the SDBtransfer (SDScomXMLChem/SDScomXMLBau) safety data sheet exchange format.
Import your supplier safety data sheets into the hazardous substances administration and use them for operating instructions or the EMKG.

The Intranet hazardous substances index facilitates the company-wide retrieval of hazardous substances data via the internal operational structure. Each hazardous substance is listed and linked to the original safety data sheet and the operating instructions (if available). The work or storage locations to which the hazardous substances are assigned are also taken into account here. This also includes locations which are part of a superordinate area. Therefore, it is sufficient to assign a hazardous substance to an area once, instead of assigning it to every single location in the area.