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Create Safety Data Sheets with GeSi³ SDB-Profi

GeSi³ SDB-Profi provides assistance with the creation, distribution and management of your safety data sheets in accordance with the REACH regulation. For your international customers, you can print your safety data sheets in multilingual versions in up to 34 languages. On the basis of their formulation, you classify your mixture in accordance with GHS, classify in accordance with dangerous goods regulations and automatically generate a legally compliant, customizable safety data sheet.
If your safety data sheets are affected by changes in legal classifications, country-specific limit values or amendments to dangerous goods, GeSi³ software notifies you and highlights the safety data sheets which require action.

Safety Data Sheet in accordance with REACH regulation

GeSi³ SDB-Profi automatically generates safety data sheets on the basis of your formulation in accordance with the REACH regulation. Premixtures in the form of safety data sheets can also be specified as formulation components.

The versioning function of the software and change notices ensure full traceability and can provide your customers with a history of the supplied safety data sheets.
Not only are your safety data sheets legally compliant when they are created using GeSi³, you can also customize your safety data sheets to your corporate design and standardize it using templates.

Determination of GHS classes and categories

In just five steps, the GeSi³ classification wizard will guide you to the GHS-compliant classification of your formulation and automatically determine the required GHS labelling. Each step is transparent and traceable.
All details, such as the calculated ATEmix for the acute toxicity of a mixture, can be tracked via a log file.
In addition, GeSi³ offers a dangerous goods wizard, which supports you in only six steps in labelling in accordance with ADR/RID, ADN, IMDG and ITATA/ICAO.

create multilingual Safety Data sheets in up to 34 languages with SDB-Profi

Currently, you can use the GeSi³ SDB-ProFi software to automatically create your safety data sheets in up to 34 languages.
The European phrase catalogue displays current EuPhraC standard phases for the fields in your safety data sheets. The software provides up to 34 languages, automatically translates the phrases and thereby provides you with a multilingual safety data sheet. In addition to EuPhraC, you can work with individual phrases for your safety data sheet.

Available languages:

English / Bosnian / Bulgarian / Croatian / Chinese (Simplified) / Chinese (Traditional) / Czech / Danish / Estonian / Finnish / French / Greek / Dutch / Hungarian / Indonesian / Icelandic / Italian / Japanese / Korean / Latvian / Lithuanian / Malay / Norwegian / Polish / Portuguese / Romanian / Russian / Serbian / Slovak / Slovenian / Spanish / Swedish / Turkish / Ukrainian

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Operating system independent (Windows®, Linux, Mac OS®)
  • English and German user interface
  • Network-compatible with multi-user environment
  • User administration with groups
  • Software update service using updates
  • Free support as part of the update service
  • Annual specialist conferences and regular training courses

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Special features

create Safety Data Sheets with EuPhrac

With the European phrase catalogue (EuPhraC), GeSi³ offers you the current standard for the creation of safety data sheets in order to quickly and easily create legally compliant, multilingual safety data sheets. Depending on the formulation properties, the correct phrases for the safety data sheet are compiled automatically. For convenient access to EuPhraC in the context of the individual revision, the contextual phrases which are suitable for the current field are made available, based on the corresponding legal situation (REACH Regulation, CLP Regulation). The creation of a language version of your safety data sheets is remarkably easy with EuPhraC and GeSi³:  To do so, simply set the language in the print preview (up to 34 languages are available) and create the corresponding PDF.

Safety Data sheets individuell phrases

The software even offers you the option to work with individual phrases if you cannot find a suitable entry in the European phrase catalogue (EuPhraC).  This makes it possible to store any wording you require in a multilingual way and to attach a context reference.  In this way, you can create an individual supplementary phrase catalogue for your safety data sheets. Using export and import functions, you can exchange the translations of your individual phrases with your translation agency.

Safety Data Sheets EWC
In addition to the European phrase catalogue (EuPhraC), GeSi³ software also contains the European waste catalogue (EWC) for the national and international classification of waste in Section 13, as well as the UN designations for Section 14.
Safety Data Sheets EWC
Safety Data Sheets Occupational exposure limit values

GeSi³ SDB-Profi allows you to automatically translate your safety data sheet into up to 34 languages and specify country-specific limit values in Section 8. The limit values are determined on the basis of the components of your formulation and are provided with a country ID. It is also very easy to create a safety data sheet for several countries, e.g. a German safety data sheet for the D-A-CH region with limit values for Germany, Austria and Switzerland in Section 8.

Safety Data Sheet Substance database and legal classification

Current legal classifications (harmonised classifications) are automatically determined for the components of your formulation and used for the classification calculation. If there is no legal classification, it only needs to be added to the software once per substance. The substance classification is then automatically stored with all formulations which contain this substance as a component. Even if deviations from the legal classification are required, you can store your own substance classifications for your substances at any time.

Safety Data Sheets customized formulation administration

Formulation administration is at the heart of GeSi³ SDB-Profi. Each safety data sheet can be easily created from a formulation. It is also possible to create several safety data sheets for each formulation, if products appear on the market under different names.  In case of formulation changes, it is very easy to update the safety data sheets based on a formulation. Formulation components can be pure substances, but also premixtures which only have one safety data sheet.

Safety Data Sheets Substances

All data related to pure substances can be managed in the Substances module: physico-chemical data, classifications, tox. and ecotox. information, limit values (OELV, BLV, DNEL and PNEC values), REACH candidate list status.

A change in a substance automatically affects all formulations that contain it. This simplifies data maintenance.

Safety Data Sheet Classification alarm

If the boundary conditions of your formulation change, making it necessary to reclassify your safety data sheet, GeSi³ software alerts you automatically. This is particularly important if the legal classifications have changed or if the compositions of components of certain formulations have been modified. It is obvious at a glance which formulations are affected and whether there is a need for action.

Note: Updated legal classifications are provided easily and automatically by the update service via the GESI³ software update.

Safety Data Sheet versioning

The GeSi³ SDB-Profi versioning function makes it possible to set up an audit-proof version archive of the published safety data sheets.  The software archives the status of the safety data sheet as it was passed on to customers. A versioned safety data sheet can be called up at any time from the archive. In the GeSi³ software, you only manage the current version of a safety data sheet.

Safetey Data Sheets SDB transfer format (SDScomXML)
GeSi³ provides both import and export interfaces for the SDBtransfer (SDScomXMLChem/SDScomXMLBau) safety data sheet exchange format.

Import your supplier safety data sheets and use them as a premixture for your formulations. Use this format to export your safety data sheets for your customers!

Safety Data Sheet Multilingual hazardous substances labels

Based on your safety data sheet, GeSi³ automatically generates multilingual hazardous substance labels in various standard formats, which are based on the legal regulations. If required, you can integrate your logo and customisable text (batch number/container size) and easily scale labels and text. You can also use your own label formats with the GeSi³ software.

Optional: Safety Data Sheets Export BfR product notificationGeSi³ can also be used to carry out a BfR product notification:
At the click of a mouse, you create the XML data format required by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BFR), using all margins. A check for the products which are actually relevant for the notification completes this option.
Starting in 2019, the new PCN (poison centres notification) format will also be available for the European notification.